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More Harmonizing, Than Hacking.

Tired of wasting time, money & food
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eat healthy? 
You don't need another checklist.
You need a SYSTEM.
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Ultimate Meal Prep Starter Guide

Take Control of Your Future

Everything you've ever wanted is waiting for you on the other side of consistency. Proper nutrition is the rocket fuel to achieve all your goals. I'll show you how.

Real Food

The key to health is real, whole foods and it can't be outsourced. It's time to take back control of our nutrition & get cooking.

I'll show you how!


Balanced fitness is critical for quality of life. I use a periodization model with my Peloton app for cardio, strength & yoga doing ~ 1 hour a day, 5x a week. 

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Ayurveda teaches that Food is not just what we eat but everything we take in. This includes thoughts, environment, relationship and yes, even the news!

What are you taking in? Are you feeding your mind in alignment with your goals? 

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Welcome to The System

The #1 request I hear from clients is "just tell me what to eat that's fast and simple".  Well, I'm answering that request now with The System.

I’ve been able to help 100's of clients regain their health, vitality and joy for life simply using the indisputable, most powerful medicine in the world.  I'm talking results way bigger than thigh gap. There is no personal, professional or fitness goal truly achievable without it. What is it? Proper nutrition.

I spent nearly 2 decades in Biotech Clinical Research and reviewed 10,000s of charts and worked the greatest thought leaders in the industry.

I have a unique understanding of the medical and pharmaceutical industry and how it works and where it can fail us. And nutrition is it's biggest blind-spot.

I left at the height of my career to dedicate myself to teaching people how to take control of health through practical lifestyle choices that have a profound effect. Trained in Ayurveda, I bring both the wisdom and power of using a natural, holistic system that's backed by medical science. No bio-hacking, just common sense, time tested and scientifically validated, nutritional system that you actually enjoy living with.

Program Options

Stay in the Flow with proven practices that accelerate health & cultivate wellbeing.

The System: Genius Meal Plans


Stop wasting time, money and food with easy to follow Genius Meal Plans. 

  • Whole food, plant-centric & flavor focused recipes!
  • Genius Meal Plan Workbook with loads of recipes for infinite combinations!
  • Step-by-Step Meal Prep Guide
  • Example Menus so there is NO confusion on what to make
  • Downloadable Templates & Shopping List
  • Access to me for any questions!
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8 Week Personalized Plan


Start Today!

  • Personalized Nutrition, Fitness and Self Care Plan
  • Meal Planning and Prepping System
  • Periodization fitness plan; we can create it new or optimize what you're already doing
  • Access to me for questions and support throughout the 8 weeks
  • Limited Space!

Once you purchase you will  receive an invite to schedule our meeting & plan your start date. Let's do this!

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Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification


Limited Space

Session Starts: 01 June 2020

You can begin the course anytime from June 1st on- and it's yours for life!

However, you have 12 months from your course start date to ask questions and earn a certificate.

This course fully integrates the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with current advances in clinical science.


Module 1: Foundations of Ayurveda

Module 2: Ayurveda for Mental Health

Module 3: Ayurvedic Nutrition

Module 4: Ayurvedic Beauty  & Skin Care

Module 5: Epigenetics & Ayurvedic Balancing Regimens

Module 6: Ayurvedic Herbalism


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You possess a unique set of talent and experiences. There is a purpose only you can fulfill. Optimizing your health and lifestyle is my mission to ensure you succeed.


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