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Whether for personal enrichment or professional advancement, this program will provide you with the skills and wisdom to create individualized Ayurvedic lifestyle plans that enhance self-care and improve quality and longevity of life. 

Next Session Starts February 7th, 2022

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Tuition $1197

What you will learn 

This program prepares students to provide Ayurvedic counseling, take detailed health and wellness assessments, determine the causes of imbalance and assess the physical and mental constitution and current state of health using Ayurvedic and Western methods.

You will be able to recommends specific foods and spice blends, lifestyle practices, daily routines, herbs, yoga and self-care strategies that pertain to individual clients. 

What makes this program Special

This training is designed start to finish with virtual learning in mind. We have broken the modules down into shorter sessions to minimize screen fatigue and to optimize learning and retention. 
Take this training from anywhere in the world. The responsive format makes this enjoyable whether you're on a laptop or phone. Learn at your pace, on your time with access for support and questions.

Connect and share with fellow trainees in our weekly calls and private Facebook group.

We teach from a classical Ayurvedic and Contemporary Functional Medicine perspective. You will learn the ancient wisdom and WHY it works based upon latest science.

More than just a set of facts to memorize. We are here to cultivate skilled practioners. You will learn classical formulations and theories as well as how to intuitively craft your own unique herbal blends. 

Multiple scholarships are available to BIPOC and those in need of financial assistance. Please contact me for details. 


How does the program work

Having lead Ayurvedic Programs for nearly a decade in every format imaginable I have learned what sets a student and teacher up for success. It comes down to 2 things; Support & Accountability, and we are meticulous about this. 

Each week a module will be released that includes video lecture, reading assignment and study guide. 

Each week we will offer a live module review and Q&A session. These sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend.

You will have full access to schedule 1:1's with me for questions and mentoring during the enire 20 week program. 

To receive a certifcation, you are required to stay current with modules and pass 2 midterm test and a final exam. You may request 1 makeup test. 

After 20 weeks, you will still have access to the modules and will receive any future updates and bonuses. 

Required Material: Textbook 1, Fundamental Principles of Ayurveda by Dr. Vasant Lad


Will I receive a Certification

Great and important question! After satisfactorily completing all the assignments and test, within 20 weeks of the course start, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. The certificate will state that you completed 200 hours of coursework in the fields of Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle therapies, Yoga, Herbal Medicine and Consultation.

Currently, there is no certifying or licensing agency in the United States for Ayurvedic practitioners, so there is no such thing as a certified or licensed Ayurvedic Practitioner, despite what some schools advertise. However, many people find that a certificate represents the hours and dedication poured into one’s studies and pride for completing the program. You will learn valuable skills that we believe are essential for self-care, improving health for yourself and clients and the foundation for many wellness based livelihoods. We want to be clear that we are not an accredited University or vocational school. 


Are test required & can I go at my own pace

Absolutely! Many students pursue study for their own personal enrichment. Testing is only required for those that wish to receive a certifcate. You will maintain access to the program for as long as it is running. You will also receive any future updates to modules and bonuses. However, after 20 weeks, the 1:1 mentoring and support is not guaranteed. 



Program Outline (200 hours)

Each lesson consists of video instruction, study guides and reading assignments. Plus, weekly live Q& A call and 1:1 teacher support throughout the 20 week period.

All weekly calls are recorded for those who cannot attend.

Week 1

Ayurvedic Philosophy

The Six Philosophies of Life

  • Sankhya: The Journey of Consciousness into Matter
  • Knowledge through Observation & Logic
  • Mimamsa - Inner Knowledge
  • Yoga

Week 2

The 5 Great Elements, Attributes  & the Doshas

  • The Five Elements and Tanmatras
  • Attributes of the Doshas
  • Attributes (Gunas) and Their Effects on Doshas
  • Prakruti: Your Unique Body Type
  • Characteristics of the Vata, Pitta & Kapha Individuals

Week 3

The SubDoshas of Vata


Vata and Its Subtypes

  • Prana Vayu
  • Udana Vayu
  • Samana Vayu
  • Apana Vayu
  • Vyana Vayu

Week 4 

The SubDoshas of Pitta

Pitta and Its Subtypes

  • Pachaka Pitta
  • Rañjaka Pitta
  • Sadhaka Pitta
  • Alochaka Pitta
  • Bhrajaka Pitta

Week 5 

The SubDoshas of Kapha

Kapha and Its Subtypes

  • Kledaka Kapha
  • Avalambaka Kapha
  • Bodhaka Kapha
  • Tarpaka Kapha
  • Shleshaka Kapha

Week 6 


Review Week


Midterm Test 



Week 7

Agni: The Digestive Fire

  • Agni, the Digestive Fire
  • Agni and the Five Elements
  • The Role of Agni in Digestion
  • Normal Functions of Agni
  • The Doshas and Agni
  • The Four Varieties of Agni
  • The 40 Main Types of Agni
  • The Subtypes of Agni


Week 8

The Dhatus: The 7 Tissues - Part 1

  • Nutrition and Structure of the Dhatus
  • Dhatu ByProducts
  • Disorders of the Dhatus
  • Rasa Dhatu: The Plasma Tissue
  • Rakta Dhatu: The Blood Tissue
  • Mamsa Dhatu: The Muscle Tissue


Week 9

The Dhatus: The 7 Tissues - Part 2

  • Meda Dhatu: The Fat Tissue
  • Asthi Dhatu: The Bone Tissue
  • Majja Dhatu: The Nerve Tissue and Bone Marrow
  • Shukra Dhatu: Male Reproductive Tissue
  • Artava Dhatu: Female Reproductive Tissue


Week 10

The Srotas: Bodily Channels - Part 1

  • Types of Srota Imbalances
  • The Channels to Receive: Food, Prana,  Water 
  • The Channels to Nourish and Maintain the Body: The Dhatu Srotamsa

Week 11

The Srotas: Bodily Channels - Part 2

  • Channels of Elimination: Feces, Urine, Sweat
  • Mano Vaha Srotas: The Channel of the Mind


Week 12




MidTerm Test



Week 13 

The 3 Vital Energies: Ojas, Tejas, Prana

  • Ojas
  • Tejas
  • Prana
  • Functional Integrity of Prana, Tejas and Ojas
  • Soma
  • Awareness


Week 14 

Ayurvedic Nutrition

  • Rasa (Taste)
  • Pharmacological and Psychological Actions of the Six Taste
  • Virya (Potent Energy)
  • Vipaka (Post-Digestive Effect)
  • Prabhava (Unique, Specific Action) 


Week 15 

Ayurvedic Digestion

  • The Stages of Digestion
  • How to Eat a Balanced Diet
  • Food Combining
  • The 3 Laws of Nutrition
  • Cellular Metabolism



Week 16

Yoga and Ayurveda

  • How yoga & Ayurveda relate (yoga as medicine) 
  • How the elements & gunas are expressed through asana, pranayama & meditation 
  • Yoga & the Doshas
  • Practices to pacify Vata, Pitta and Kapha 
  • Practices for combined doshas 
  • Tridoshic practices 
  • Specific practices to clear the channels 
  • How to design a simple 10 minute sequence for yourself and clients 


Week 17

Art of Ayurvedic Consultation

  • The Ayurvedic Definition of Health
  • The Interaction of the Doshas
  • Factors that Affect our Health
  • Art of Ayurvedic Consultation
    • Intake Forms & Assessments
    • Dosha Vitation Analysis
    • Ama Assessment
    • Tongue Analysis
    • Case Study Practice



Week 18 





Final Exam

You will have 2 weeks to complete and turn in your exam.



Bonus: Intro to Ayurvedic Herbalism

(you will not be tested on the Ayurvedic Herbalism section)



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Next Session Starts February 7th, 2022

Tuition $1197