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#005 The Core Four: My Menopause Journey

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Today I'm sharing my menopause journey in hopes that it will help yours. Below is the podcast that I found immensely helpful as well as questions I asked my Dr. 

Peter Attia: Thr Drive Podcast #42 with Avrum Bluming, MD and Carol Tavris, PhD

Questions to ask your Dr before starting any new medication:

  1. What is the minimum effective dose you recommend for me and why that specific medication/treatment vs other options?
  2. What signs/symptoms should I be on the lookout for (what potential side effects)?
  3. What is the exit strategy if I decide it's not working for me?
  4. What should I expect when exiting or stopping treatment?
  5. What additional therapies or treatments may be needed to ensure safety (ie yearly mammograms and paps for HRT)?
  6. Always make sure the Dr is aware of your history or any family history that may influence the best course of treatment for you. 
  7. If your Dr is not willing to partner with you on your health by answering these type of questions and having discussions with you, FIND ANOTHER DR.