#012 The Core Four: The Ridge Garden

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Queen Lime Blush Zinnias from Floret Flowers


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. -Audrey Hepburn


Even though I’ve worked with herbal medicine for 20+ years, I’ve only recently started a garden. And I’m using the term “garden” extremely loosely. 🙂 But this year we’re going all in!

This winter we terraced what was an old orchard with some unhappy peach trees into our garden space. I’m still working on the soil but we’ll definitely get some plants in this spring. It’s a huge goal of mine to get us as self sufficient as possible.


Last year we put in raised beds by the house for herbs and tomatoes and flowers around the borders.


I always go crazy and over plant the tomatoes! It’s pathological.


I’m planning to direct sow most of my vegetables and it’s been so fun to plan and procure my seed collection. And, I’ve been extemely inspired and impressed by some of your successes (looking at you Jess Hunt-Ralston and Donna Martin 💕).

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to plan and prep for your own garden. I’m sharing some of my favorite resources.

  • Baker Creek Seeds: I probably purchased 80% of my vegetable seeds this year from here.
  • Eden Brothers: Huge selection. I purchased about 50 tulip bulbs from them last year and they grew beautifully. They’re already coming back up!
  • Row7Seed Co: From the famed Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns. I always try a couple of new varities from here. A foodie’s paradise!
  • Floret Flowers: The most gorgeous cut flowers and a wealth of information. If you’re not already following her on IG, it’s a must! The arragement at the top are all from seeds I purchased from Floret. I literally just stuck them in the ground and 3 months later we had gorgeous flowers.
  • Alliance of Native Seed Keepers: Located in NC. Incredible list of medicinal herbs and important mission. I’m using their seeds to start our medicinal garden. Please support and share.
  • FedCo Seeds: I purchased my tubers and potato slips from here.
  • Arrowhead Dahlias: Order tubers from themlast year and they were GORGEOUS! I can already see signs of them coming up.

Starter Plants:

  • Local farmers market (BEST)
  • Local Plant Nursery
  • Home Depot


No yard or bandwidth, no problem! I love this mason jar windowsill herb garden idea. Edible flowers would be fun to grow this way too.


Any tips or tricks for me? Favorite suppliers? I’ll take all the help I can get. 😊


With love and gratitude,